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Our Mission at Defining Moments is to provide an inclusive family-first environment for our students to learn the art of dance. We encourage teamwork, self discipline, passion, drive, confidence, and creativity to help all students reach their fullest potential both inside and outside of the dance studio.

Y.P.A.D Certified

As a YPAD Certified Studio, we strive to hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and accountability by implementing safe boundaries and healthy artistry within our dance setting.

Being YPAD Certified means.

Our Staff are:

Background Checked

CPR Certified

Mandated Reporters and trained in recognizing, reporting and preventing Child Abuse

Positive role models in body image, language and behavior.

Trained in emotional health, physical safety and psychology.

Understanding of nutrition and eating disorders.

Committed to age appropriate artistic choices in music, costumes, movement and concepts

Trained in healthy and safe social media practice

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