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How long is your dance season? Our season begins mid to late August and runs through the end of June with our big recital. (Typically the 4th Saturday of June) 

When is enrollment? Enrollment for our classes begins mid July. This is when you can start signing up for the upcoming sessions.
We continue to accept enrollments through February or until the class is full, whichever comes first. So if you're interested in a particular class, it's best to enroll early to secure your spot.

How many performances do you have a year? We understand the importance of family and friends in celebrating your dancer's achievements, which is why we provide these performances for you to enjoy together.
Mid-year performance: This performance takes place without costumes. It provides an opportunity for you to invite your family and friends to see what your dancer has been working on. Dancers will wear a studio shirt for this performance.
The big recital is the highlight of our year and is held at the end of June. This performance features elaborate costumes and professional pictures. It's a fantastic opportunity for your dancer to showcase their skills and progress. You can invite your entire family and friends to enjoy this special event.
We also hold 3 parent showcases throughout the year in our studio. These showcases give you a chance to witness your dancer's progress firsthand. They are held during the last 10 minutes of class, so you can conveniently see what your dancer has been working on.

How many students are in a class? Typically the Discovery classes and Tot Department have a max of 8 and all older classes have a max of 12. 

What is Lyrical Dance? Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet and jazz dancing techniques. It is characterized by its emotional and expressive quality, often performed to music with lyrics that inspire the choreographer to convey strong emotions. Lyrical dance focuses on individual expression and the interpretation of emotions such as love, joy, hurt, or anger. It is a stylized and fluid form of contemporary dance that incorporates various dance techniques.

What is Jazz Dance?  Jazz dance is known for its rhythmic and syncopated movements, improvisation, and high energy. It is often characterized by movements such as kicks, turns, jumps, and leaps, as well as fluid and expressive body movements. 

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